Notion Master Backoffice

Jaider Morais
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Overview, Planning, and Doing

Built with a systemic view, the Master Backoffice includes task management modules, projects, customers, leads/negotiations, calendar/appointments and finance. Everything a freelancer or business needs to organize and increase its productivity, both professional and personal life, in a didactic and customizable structure.

  1. Dynamic Summary:
    - Controls - Navigation menu of the page modules;
    - Today - Reminders for tasks and schedules of the day;
    - Alerts - Alerts for idle negotiations for more than 7 days and delayed tasks;
    - Finances - Balance of the current month.
  2. Projetc Overview: Overview of projects, grouped by Status or Overview Tab.
  3. Todo, Planning and Do: View of the tasks due in the next 30 days and a complete weekly or monthly task execution planning.
  4. Schedule: A calendar with appointment book, fully integrated with your tasks and projects (like a Google Calendar).
  5. Negotiations: Overview of leads and negotiations. You can manage and monitor the negotiation stage, viewing specific reports and searching.
  6. Financial: Financial manager with incomes and expenses registration with months balances.

Master Backoffice was designed to work fully integrated and automated.

Much more than a template, a real organization class, with didactic tutorials for each feature.

Why did I create this?

I'm an advertising and entrepreneur who works with Naming and Brand Visual Identity, for more than 20 years and only after discovering Notion, managed to really organize life and projects. I deleted 7 apps from my daily life with this template.

I'm happy to be able to share with you and help you not make the same mistakes I made until I reached the organization and full productivity :)

What's included:

  • Tutoriais (User Manual)
  • Tasks database
  • Customers database
  • Projects database
  • Negotiations/Leads database
  • Finances (Incomes and Expenses) database
  • Week and Month Planning
  • Recurring tasks
  • Schedule and calendar (say goodbye to Google Calendar and make all on Notion)
I want this!

Notion Master Backoffice

0 ratings
I want this!